How Not-for-Profit CFOs Can Raise Their Game

Not-for-Profit Finance

Many not-for-profit CFOs are seeing their organisations rapidly grow. That growth is often the catalyst for several pain points in their back-office financial accounting processes. There is a digital technology for virtually every aspect of a not-for-profit’s finances. There are technology solutions that focus on enterprise resource planning (ERP) and others that focus on smaller, […]

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The Power of Purpose

Power of Purpose

Early in my career, I “knew” what my path to success would be. I was young, ambitious, and smart! My star’s rise was assured; I knew I would be recognised for my hard work and rapidly rise in the ranks. I was driven by purpose, but not the purpose companies are buzzing about today as […]

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ADP + Sage Intacct: A Powerful Partnership for Not-for-profits

JMT Consulting Group Australia is an ADP partner

BLOG: ADP + Sage Intacct: A Powerful Partnership for Charities and Not-for-profits MARCH 10, 2021 | BY NATALIE CRIGHTON Every Not-for-profit Needs to Excel at Managing Staff and Money Problems with either can compromise the core mission and put an organization in jeopardy. Yet many not-for-profits struggle with human resources and accounting. They direct as […]

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