JMT Consulting Australia is a COMPLEAT Partner

With Compleat, accounts payable automation and digital procurement have never been more accessible

Simplifying the Way Everyone Buys & Pays

We’re proud to implement and support Compleat’s powerful suite of products for our not-for-profit clients: iCompleat (Purchasing & AP Automation), Compleat Capture (Global Digital Invoice Capture), and Compleat Procure (Global Smarter Spend & Savings Software).

By automating your AP and investing in tools that ensure you aren’t missing opportunities to save money, you’ll be able to re-direct both time and money where it matters most: back into your mission.

Watch the 1-minute video:

How can your not-for-profit organisation benefit from Compleat?

Zoological Society of London’s Success Story

Compleat delivered ZSL a cost-effective, flexible, easy-to-use, and powerful solution to automate their P2P procurement process.

Why do nonprofits work with JMT Consulting to support Compleat?

JMT Consulting’s vast experience working with thousands of not-for-profit organisations to design end-to-end solutions uniquely positions us to help support your team, working with Compleat to provide you with benefits like:

Accounts Payable, simplified

When it comes to automating your AP, Compleat has it covered! Invest time in what really matters – your mission.