Not-for-Profit Overview

Not-for-profits all over the world rely on JMT for financial solutions

Over 2000 charities and not-for-profit organisations rely on the JMT Consulting Group. We deliver the finance, development, and productivity solutions that these unique organisations require. Helping NFP’s meet their goals of sustainability and effectively pursue their purpose is our mission.

JMT thinks there is a uniqueness that make NFP’s special. So that’s why we’ve specialised in providing our services only to charities and Not-for-profits. As a result, our clients are able  to better fulfil their purpose. We help them use the latest and best in cloud-based management and financial solutions. And we help implement these solutions so that NFP’s gain the greatest benefit possible.

Across Australia, charities are wonderfully diverse

Not-for-profits in Australia are very different in both purpose and organisation. So they provide important, and very often vital services for many, many people.

At last count over 600,000 charities and not-for-profits operate in Australia. As a result, their 2019 revenue accounted for about $166 billion.

At JMT Consulting Group we mainly work with large NFP organisations with annual revenue above $1 million. They make up 19% of all Charities & Not-for Profits.

It is vital that NFP's are agile, swift, and comply with NDIS

Charities and not-for-profits have to deal with a range of issues that are changing all the time. Additionally covid has put extreme pressure on many of them. It has negatively affected their ability to engage with volunteers. Also, it has affected their revenue from donations. At the same time, many have seen an increased demand for their services. Having robust management and financial systems in place that allow NFP’s to be agile and deal with changing financial situations is essential. 

With the introduction of  NDIS legislation, charities in this space have had to purchase client management software to ensure they are compliant.

Many management solutions have provided improved functionality. And often the service provision area with customer-focused rostering and client plans has been improved. But many of these solutions don’t provide strong financial systems. Yet financial systems are vitally important for NDIS.

A mini ‘Field Manual”of best practices from Not-for-profit finance experts

Some Key Best Practices for Survival:                   

• Make sure your accounting system can support separate, balanced sets of books required for fund accounting.                           

• Carefully design your data structure and chart of accounts to support maximum flexibility.

• Be ready to accommodate multiple locations and entities.

When choosing a financial solution provider, experience with charities and not-for-profits is crucial

JMT works with a diverse NFP customer base ranging from health based not-for-profits to First Nations and offers solutions across all the specialised NFP sectors.

JMT is now operating in Australia. We are combining our Australian-based team who are experienced in local NFP’s with our international expertise. Therefore we will bring you the best and latest in global management and financial systems suited to the Australian NFP space.

Take a moment to read from our favourite advocates, our valued customers.

What our customers say about us

JMT Consulting Australia and Planned Parenthood

“We have really found that JMT is a true partner. The knowledge of not-for-profit organisations and the questions they asked were really important. They helped us to develop the structure to get us where we wanted to go”


JMT Consulting Australia and Anna Maria College

“I believe that JMT’s work specifically with not-for-profits is extremely beneficial for the simple reason that as not-for-profits we deal with our own set of problems and JMT brings a tremendous resource for best practices and a network connection.” 


JMT Consulting Australia and Educational Alliance

“It’s a great benefit that JMT only works with not-for-profits because not-for-profits and for-profit companies are totally different. Identifying the needs of a not-for-profit and solely focusing on that is exactly what you would want in a consulting group”


JMT Consulting Australia and Bideawee

“I would wholeheartedly recommend JMT to any not-for-profit organisation looking for assistance. They are very dedicated and are very knowledgeable”


JMT Consulting Australia and Medecins Sans Frontieres

“I almost feel like JMT is family. Jmt gets to know their client and their mission and ultimately, that translates into assisting and helping us to do what we need to do.”


JMT Consulting Australia and Keep America Beautiful

“We chose JMT because they “blew the doors” off all of the other partners I looked at. They were more professional, knowledgeable and had a much better resume”