Faith Inspired Service to the Community

Cloud management solutions give you real-time visibility

Charities categorised under religion are mainly religious congregations. There are 5,567 in total in Australia.

Religious charities rely significantly on donations and bequests for revenue, rather than government support. Though there are significant differences based on charity size. Many are involved in many important activities to assist disadvantaged communities.

Many work within Australia but a significant amount provide support for communities outside Australia. Purposes including the sponsoring of disadvantaged children both inside and outside Australia and the eradication of poverty and injustice.

Religious charities span all major religions and a significant number of less well-known religions. They fill the gap in supporting their communities when private and government agencies can’t.

Cloud management and finance solutions that allow your charity and Not-for-profit organisation to do more with less

Many religious organisations are complex and require financial management solutions that we can deliver, to streamline grant, fund, project, and donor accounting, while delivering real-time visibility into the metrics that matter.

We provide modern cloud solutions that give you visibility, and efficiency so you can do more with less. We allow you to be more in control and have greater visibility in real time of your range of activities. This allows you to better fulfill your purpose.

And with increased competition for funding and calls for greater transparency and accountability, we provide the technology solutions to make sure you are gaining the best efficiencies from your operations.

A mini ‘Field Manual” of best practices from Not-for-profit finance experts

Some Key Best Practices for Survival:                   

• Make sure your accounting system can support the separate, balanced sets of books required for fund accounting.       

• Carefully design your data structure and chart of accounts to support maximum flexibility.

• Be ready to accommodate multiple locations and entities.

JMT Consulting Group, with its depth of charity knowledge, ensures you make the right choices in choosing the management and financial solutions suited to your religious charity.

Customer Story

Lutheran SeniorLife - Energising and evolving finance at a 100-year old organisation

Previous Software:
NTT Data NetSolutions / Microsoft Dynamics SL / QuickBooks

Results with Sage Intacct:

  • Accelerated expansion decisions, contributing to >4%
    revenue growth
  • Improved cash flow 10% and operating revenue >2%
  • Increased finance team productivity >30%