JMT Consulting is a VENA Partner

Produce accurate budgets (in a fraction of the time!) without leaving the comfort of EXCEL

Other solutions take one of two extreme approaches to corporate performance management, Vena combines the best of both worlds in a single solution.

Vena doesn’t make you choose between a rigid, packaged application and an uncontrolled spreadsheet environment to perform the finance and accounting business processes that drive your organization’s success. Their fresh approach to CPM connects your Excel spreadsheets, templates, formulas and models to a central database governed by a sophisticated workflow engine and business rules.

As a result, you continue to benefit from the flexibility and unmatched computing power of Excel, while resting assured that your data is secure, accessible and up-to-date.

Watch this 5-minute product overview and see how Vena can change the trajectory of your organization by freeing up your finance team to drive faster, smarter, more data-driven strategic decisions.

How can your nonprofit organization benefit from Vena?

Why do nonprofits choose to work with JMT to implement Vena?

Nonprofits work with JMT Consulting to implement Vena because JMT brings the right combination of expertise with Vena and experience in the nonprofit space. JMT Consulting brings:

JumpStart for Vena Solutions

JMT's cost-efficient rapid implementation program designed to help your nonprofit achieve better outcomes through effective, easy-to-use budgeting and planning (easier and more affordably than you ever thought possible)

For when your plan needs to change, and it needs to change fast.

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Project success, guaranteed.

By working with a partner like JMT, you take the risk out of implementing a new system by leveraging expert-led development and training resources. Pairing our services with Vena’s powerful budgeting & planning solution will arm your nonprofit with the tools it needs to budget better and prepare for anything that comes its way.