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Healthcare Charities

Ensuring Everyone Has the Opportunity to Obtain the Health Outcomes They Deserve

Cloud management and finance solutions give healthcare charities the visibility to navigate the future

Charities and Not -for -Profit organisations in healthcare include hospitals, community, and mental health services, some aged care services, medical research institutions, and support groups for people with specific illnesses or diseases, many of which are large charities providing direct services. In the 2019 there were 678 in total. Not surprisingly 73% generated revenue by providing goods and services, which is the highest in all the charity sub-sectors

With an ageing population, a significant rise in the number of people living with long-term conditions and on top of that, Covid, there is extreme pressure on health and care resources. Charities play a significant part in meeting these challenges, providing expert healthcare, conducting research, raising awareness, supporting patients, and promoting mental health and well-being.
It’s important your health organisation is equipped with the right tools to navigate the challenging and rewarding times ahead. JMT Consulting has worked with many healthcare NFP’s to assist them to transition to business and financial solutions, so they are prepared and in control.

Efficiency is critically important

Profitability in health and aged care has been affected for several years and is now facing another significant drop during the pandemic, so the need for maximising efficiency in your management and financial systems is paramount.

At JMT Consulting we provide the efficiency, visibility, flexibility, automation, and integration you need to succeed. Replacing and updating your old accounting solution with a modern, best-in-class cloud solution built for a Not -for- profit, like yours, can cost less than you think , while saving you time and resources. We can help you prepare a “Return On Investment” analysis for your key personnel and discover how you can lead your organisation to better stewardship and greater impact. We are here to help you succeed.

Five reasons the cloud is right for your NFP organization

  1. You only pay for what you use
  2. Your data is safe in the cloud 
  3. It supports a mobile workforce
  4. You’re always using the latest version
  5. Integrated solutions for Not-for-profits

Healthcare NFP, Children’s Tumor Foundation, explain how their successful partnership with JMT made managing the business so much easier.

With rapid growth and inefficient accounting software that couldn’t keep up, Children’s Tumor Foundation partnered with JMT Consulting Group (JMT) to find a more modern, efficient, user and web-friendly financial management solution. Read the Case Study now.