JMT Consulting, the Experts in Mission-Driven Not-for-Profit Finance Selects Arreva, Thought Leader and Trusted Advisor to Not-for-Profits, as National Strategic Partner, and Names ExceedFurther the Best Choice for Clients as the Only True All-in-One, Fully Integrated and Automated, Digital Fundraising, Donor Relationship Management, Healthcare Hospitality, and Auction Software.

Nashville, TN, Philadelphia, PA, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Palo Alto, CA, (January 12, 2023) — JMT Consulting, the experts in mission-driven not-for-profit finance, announces a strategic national partnership with Arreva, trusted advisors and market leader of the only all-in-one, completely integrated and automated, digital fundraising, donor relationship, healthcare hospitality, and auction software, and has vetted, selected, and endorsed Arreva’s ExceedFurther, as the best choice for their thousands of not-for-profit clients.

Jacqueline Tiso, Chief Executive Officer, JMT Consulting said, “We are often asked by many of our clients to evaluate software vendors providing digital fundraising, donor relationship management, and auction software, and to provide them with recommendations.  To make a ‘best choice’ recommendation, as we’ve done with other software categories, our consulting team recently conducted a thorough evaluation and vetting process to identify the software and vendor that we could unequivocally recommend.  We’re very excited to share that after our research, we are officially announcing that we’ve selected Arreva as the only true, all-in-one software and vendor that we are recommending to our clients for digital fundraising, donor relationship management, healthcare hospitality, and auction software. We were thoroughly impressed by their unique understanding of not-for-profits, their dedication to their clients’ success, and the results they’re helping not-for-profits achieve. After learning more about Arreva, it was clear that their approach, their software, and their level of support for clients was unparalleled in the industry, and that we had finally found a best choice fundraising and donor relationship management software partner to solve the many challenges that our clients face.”

Arreva has similarly endorsed JMT Consulting services as a preferred partner to help not-for-profit organisation across all sectors optimize their financial systems and processes to achieve better outcomes for their mission.  Through the partnership, JMT Consulting and Arreva will also be collaborating to bring their expertise across the not-for-profit sector together through ongoing mutual educational resources and industry thought leadership to financial and management processes, as well as sustainable fundraising and donor relationship management best practices to fulfill their important missions.

David Blyer, Arreva CEO and Cofounder, says “We’re enthusiastic about our strategic partnership with JMT Consulting and what it means for the not-for-profit organisations we’ve each been serving, who are clamoring for innovative, integrated solutions to not only streamline and improve their management and financial processes, but to also solve for the many challenges they’re currently facing with their digital fundraising, donor relationship, healthcare hospitality, and auction initiatives, so that they can leverage an all-in-one, fully integrated and automated approach to building greater awareness, acquiring new donors, cultivating and engaging donors, and raising more money in support of their causes.  JMT Consulting has done a phenomenal job of helping not-for-profits for more than two decades in optimizing their financial systems and processes, and we are kindred spirits when it comes to our dedication to helping not-for-profits fulfill their important missions with robust, integrated, best-in-class financial and fundraising solutions and strategies. We are thrilled to be collaborating with them to help not-for-profits succeed and to be enthusiastically recommending them to the many organisations we serve.” 

About Arreva
Arreva®,is a trusted advisor and market leader of digital fundraising, donor relationship management, and auction software that has been serving the not-for-profit industry for more than three decades. Arreva’s, ExceedFurther® All-in-One, Digital Fundraising, Donor Relationship Management, Healthcare Hospitality, and Auction software is helping not-for-profits worldwide further their mission, transform fundraising, and cultivate relationships with donors and constituents. Our MaestroAuction Online and MaestroAuction virtual live and silent auction software, Text2Bid® digital and mobile bidding software, and Text2Fund® mobile donation software and services are helping not-for-profits raise billions of dollars and further their cause through thousands of live, virtual, and hybrid fundraising events, charity auctions and galas.

Learn more about Arreva at or schedule a personal consultation and demo of Arreva’s ExceedFurther, the All-in-One, Cloud-based Digital Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management and Healthcare Hospitality Applications Software, and our MaestroSoft Digital Auction Software and Services at

About JMT Consulting
Since 1991, JMT has worked exclusively with not-for-profits to deliver mission-driving financial management solutions. We’ve helped over 2,000 not-for-profits of all shapes, sizes and goals optimize their financial systems and processes with on single goal – better outcomes for their mission. We not only assist with customizing a solution for your unique needs, we also provide implementation, training, maintenance and support. In addition, our PowerUP service provides access to outsourced accounting services for not-for-profit organisations. We vet the marketplace thoroughly for our not-for-profit clients and only work with the best. The depth of functionality and customisation these partners provide enable us to create robust, integrated solutions based on each organisation’s unique needs and budget.

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Media Contacts:

Jacqueline Tiso

Chief Executive Officer, JMT Consulting


David Jost

Chief Marketing Officer, Arreva